s Malaysia Digital Free Trade Zone

About DFTZ

The Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) is the world's first special trade zone that will promote the growth of eCommerce by providing a state-of-the-art platform for SMEs and enterprises to conduct the businesses and services. DFTZ is divided into 2 main elements:


The site at KLIA Aeropolis is strategic for customs clearance, warehousing and logistics facility for the country and region which are important for production clearance and exports.

Kuala Lumpur Internet City

Kuala Lumpur Internet City (KLIC) is set to be the premier digital hub for global and local internet-related companies targeting Southeast Asia and will facilitate end-to-end support, networking and knowledge-sharing that will drive innovation in the internet economy and the eCommerce industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred gateway of choice for global brands and regional marketplaces in eCommerce.


Setting the pace and global standard for the eCommerce industry, DFTZ aims to be the leader in promoting operational autonomy for entities and fulfill rising consumer demands.

Platform for Growth

With scalability in mind, DFTZ provides a platform for operations that cater to the constant volume of demand surrounding Malaysia and ASEAN.


With ease of accessibility towards key central locations around Kuala Lumpur, and also providing gateway to the region. DFTZ will offer proximity to sea and air ports.


With efficiency in the heart of DFTZ, it will be a major game changer in simplifying the processes to reduce the turnaround time (TAT) and improve trackability across the value chain.

Cost Effective

As the frontier of technological advancements in logistics, SMEs and larger players will be able to leverage on newly developed business models that are ‘fit for purpose’ in Malaysia.